Cultural and sporting events


Cultural and sports events are part of Modd Events’ most demanded programs. We possess an appropriate professional background along with all the skills for organizing small corporate exhibitions or contests, as well as international cups or festivals.

Among the events organized by Modd Events we can note the “European Youth Judo Championship”, the “Shakespeare Theater Festival ”, the “Patrick Fiori Concert” and many others.


Our team can develop creative ideas and provide high quality organization and logistics for these events.229443_505754326109672_1215926960_n.jpg

  • Festivals
  • Presentations
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts
  • Award ceremonies
  • Fashion Shows
  • Sports contests
  • Competition games
  • Friendly matches


We provide also.

  • The transportation and accommodation of the participants
  • The organization of additional events during the competition games
  • The organization of opening and closing ceremonies


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