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Modd Events – the planner of truly unforgettable corporate events.

Modd Events – the synonym of high quality team work regrouping specialists from France, Russia and Armenia

Modd Events – a history of successful international projects.

Modd Events – the implementation of the most efficient, professional and modern ways of team building.

Who else but the French know the subtilities of organizing high quality events that blow your imagination? Events, that will be stuck in the memory of all the participants for years.

Our company involves not only French elegancy and European norms of organization. It also involves Armenian dynamism and Russian purposefulness. We have become the standard of quality in our current markets: Our portfolio, which includes some of the biggest and most promising companies’ corporate and cultural events or forums, team building and international business projects, is the best evidence of our know-how.

Years of experience together with innovative solutions bring fantastic results and give wings to your most adventurous ideas. Our team of professionals is always ready to exceed your expectations.

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Modd Events is a French-Armenian-Russian company with many years of experience in the sphere of team building, as well as in creative event management.


Our team involves professionals representing France, Russia and Armenia.

Our team is always at the top.

We always reach our goals.

We write the word “CLIENT” in capital letters.

We always create new ideas.

Each and every member of our team is the guarantee of the quality of our service.

We are always ready to achieve the most challenging projects.

  • RD-Group
    Anastasia Grinevich

    Хотелось бы поблагодарить все Ваше агентство и каждого сотрудника в отдельности, за прекрасно проделанную работу.

    Спасибо Вам большое, за встречу, за гостеприимство, за работу !

    Ani Khachatryan

    Modd Events can provide full responsibility towards any task, realize the work with quality and within deadlines. The distinctive feature of Modd Events working style is the professionalism, creativity and organization, as well as the team spirit.

    Ignat Arakelyan

    The cooperation of “Yerevan Brandy Company” and “Modd Events” has a positive experience of years. “Modd Events” is distinguished by its professional staff, organizational skills and the ability of quick response to any situation.

  • ACBA
    Arsen Petrosyan

    It is already 4 years that “Acba Credit Agricol” cooperates with “Modd Events”. Modd Events team is distinguished by its professionalism, creativity and hard working approach to the project.


  • UWC
    Elena Pohomova

    I would like to thank Modd Events for the organization of the official opening ceremony of UWC Dilijan School. The creative and caring approach, professionalism and the patience of all members of your team have allowed us to realize this challenging project.

    Elena Eremenko

    I want to express my deep and sincere gratitude for the wonderful moments and emotions! The travel program became bright  and full of rich colors with you. I really hope to see you again soon

  • ADKO
    Ruben Sahakyan

    We thank Modd Events for organizing in November 2013, the event dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the company. Everything was perfect, with high level of professionalism and taste. We are looking forward to further cooperation.

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